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Special Events

Meet the artist and see his work at these special events in Baraboo, Wisconsin.


10 am-6 pm daily
At our studio at 700 Second Street, Baraboo, Wisconsin


Noon to 6:30 pm and
9 am-4 pm
At the Baraboo Arts
Banquet Hall,
323 Water Street, Baraboo, Wisconsin

For your loved one who needs one

Frank makes these medical bracelets by hand; Medi-Bracelets are his exclusive design. He developed these bracelets out of necessity: his wife needed one. Frank Kudla took his skills in making decorative spring hardened bracelets and created the Medi-Bracelet.

If you are a diabetic, have allergeries, heart problems (pacemaker), asthma, breathing problems, epilepsy, need special medications or have other medical complications that need to be know during an emergency, you need to wear a Medi-Bracelet.

Over thirty years of goldsmithing experience has given Frank the skill to make his half- ounce* 14k oval bracelets lay on the back of the hand, forward of the wrist. You chose the size by measuring your wrist. Add 1/2 to 5/8 inch to this measurement for the correct size.

Medi-Bracelets are available in four styles and two price ranges. The price varies depending upon the price of gold. Three styles are forged (hammered over an anvil) the fourth is a straight strap style.

Straight style: $625 Sizes available up to 6 ¼ and 6 ¾ inches. Larger sizes available at additional cost, sized by 1/2" enlargements.Prices change without notice.

* + - 10 penny weights

Please allow time for making your custom, original jewelry.













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